Churches Together in Knowle, Dorridge & Bentley Heath

Churches Together Diary 2022

Christian Aid Week 15-22 May 2022

This year the annual collection is being carried out using traditional envelopes and as an e-collection. If you have had an envelope through your door you will see that there are several collection points locally. Otherwise post or give electronically, either using the QR code on the envelope or following the link below. (The QR Code on the envelope will take you to the same page of the Christian Aid Week donations site.)

Please pass the details of how to give on to your friends and family 


The Donate button above links to the Christian Aid website for donations You can choose any amount. Please don't feel pressured by the layout of their donations page. You can copy the details in blue below to your internet browser if that's easier:

Your contribution is very much appreciated. Last year was difficult for many charities and the requests for help from around the world grow ever greater.

May God bless you!

Please donate this Christian Aid Week (15-21 May). Your donations will help families facing poverty and injustice around the world. 

  • £5 could buy water taps for a community garden

  • £15 could buy drought-resistant seeds like sorghum or millet to help 10 farmers like Jessica to grow food

  • £60 could train 50 women farmers to adapt and grow food in the changing climate

  • £250 could help a family build a storeroom, and provide seeds and fertilisers